Monday, July 3, 2017

Making my July scrap blocks

Four blue unnamed blocks have been added to my pile of Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Sixteen more of these and I'll call it done. I need pink, orange, brown and a few of colors already made.

This quilt needs 12 blocks in total so an orange, pink, brown, black, and tan? Maybe? 

Today these SPOOLS blocks will be put together and will be added to the pile. There will be twenty of these.

But first Al and I are enjoying brunch at Red Spire. If you're ever looking for a great little breakfast/brunch restaurant in Traverse City, check out this one in the Commons (the old insane asylmn!) The Commons is a fun area to shop and eat.


My breakfast is here!


LA Paylor said...

well move over and let me have a bite! You two are having a good time together! Your blue log cabin blocks are pretty and fresh

Northern Deb said...

Thanks! And yes we are eating there

a good yarn said...

Your quilt blocks look great but breakfast looks even better. said...

So funny when I saw your photo of the Red Spire I recognized the ambience; we were in Traverse City last year and went to the Commons and had lunch at the Italian Restaurant which was delicious. You are right, the Commons and Traverse City was a great visit and the next time we're there we'll check out the Red Spire. BTW, your blocks are wonderful.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Beautiful blocks!