Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Start of a vintage style quilt

Here I go again....off on a tangent! I'm blaming my daughter for this... She wanted to borrow som shirting pieces and as I was digging through the box I found two small 9 patches. These were just small pretty scraps that I put together YEARS ago for no real reason than that I thought they looked nice together. They were then packed away and forgotten.

Well, once I found them I just couldn't stop thinking that they would be great in a vintage type quilt. Digging through my old quilt magazines, I came across a perfect pattern... The double 9 patch or Irish chain.

The pink is old....from the 80s. It was at the bottom of my solids tote and I'm crossing my fingers that it will be enough to do a twin size quilt.  The scraps for the small 9 patches are getting cut from shirts, old blocks (very old!) and old calicoes. These blocks above are very vintage.... If they were salvageable I would use them as is in a quilt but they have stains and holes. 

This star quilt top was a mess....puckered...torn...stained ....so again CHOP, CHOP!

These pieces were cut from those old blocks... They look so much neater.

I'm stitching them inti 3" 9-patches and not worrying if they are a little wonky. They'll just look that much more vintage :)
Seven Double 9-Patch blocks are done...I need at least 25 but hoping to get 32 made. I'll be alternating with the pink (hopefully!).  There won't be a border on this quilt unless I decide on a very small one. Got to keep it looking old.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bobbin border

I'm posting from my IG account...only picture I have of this quilt top. I'm NorthernDebQuilts and private but you can request to follow. The bobbin blocks are from a Cotton Way pattern, altered to suit my quilt. 

So I'm done with the bobbin border and am happy with the results. It adds just a little interest to it and what good are spools of thread without bobbins?
So now it's time to find a backing and get it basted. Since I have no idea what I want for a back, this could end up in the UFO closet for a bit. 
This is my first completed top done from following along the Rainbow Scrap Challenge of 2017 with Angela at www.soscrappy.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August beige blocks

I finished the August tan blocks (Rainbow scrap challenge) ...then I decided to make the orange and pink spool blocks so that I could get this spools quilt finished. But, now that the top is together, I think it might need a fun border. Maybe some bobbin blocks bordering the spools?

And these are the rest of the tan/beige/cream blocks. 

Now back to my other SIX projects.....

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Color & UFO for August

It's AUGUST and we have a new scrappy color....TAN! Tan, beige, cream or off white....this could be fun. I know I have plenty of scraps in this color.
And what is the AUGUST ufo? Number 8! For me thats my scrappy blue Kaffe log cabin quilt.
It needs borders, quilting and binding.

And here's my favorite little guy....who can resist that face!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Old project is getting worked on.

The fifth row of this old UFO is finished. I'm making slow progress on it but at least it's getting done.
Each row need 60 HSTs! That's the part that takes so long. The centers are all finished, just waiting for the sashings.

I've tried a few methods do making HSTs but with these it seems this ruler is the fastest. I cut a 2-1/2" of light and dark, lay them right sides together and cut a pile of  the triangles.

Keeping them together, I chain stitch a pile, cut them apart and press.

No need to trim...they are all the correct size!

Here's my favorite little visitor....summer is more play time than sew time.